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Top ten facts you may not know about the American Professional Tennis player Serena Williams

Serena Jameka Williams held the top spot in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings over many years of her career after winning her first major championship of 1999 and the individual successes of her career in solo and double matches as well.  Here are the top ten facts you may not have known about Serena Williams.

  1. Serena has always been interested in fashion with her Nike apparel line of custom-designed clothes, her clothing line called Aneres, and an HSN collection of handbags and jewelry which became so successful there are all sold out and none are available to be seen on the website itself!
  2. Both sisters, Venus and Serena Williams playing tennis when they were at the age of three.  Over time they both became great at the sport Serena beat Venus at the race of the first Grand Slam win in 1999 at the United States Open Title.  Later in 2008 both Serena and Venus played women’s doubles at the Olympic Beijing Games to win the Gold Medal. 
  3. In 2009 the sisters purchased shares of the Miami Dolphins NFL team and became the first African American Women to own a part of an NFL Team. 
  4. Serena’s ranking in the single matches is 11 and, in the doubles, has a current ranking of 402 (as of February 2021). 
  5. By 2012 Serena had 15 Grand Slam single titles and 13 Grand Slam Double titles.  In 2013 she won her second French Open Title along with her 16th Grand Slam single title. 
  6. In the 2017 Australian Open Serena won her 23rd Grand Slam title.  During this it was revealed, months later, that she was two months pregnant with her daughter.  In early 2018 she said in an interview that she was not yet ready to play yet and said on social media, “My coach and team always said, ‘only go to tournaments when you are prepared to go all the way’.  I can compete – but I don’t want to just compete, I want to do far better than that and to do so,  I will need a little more time. With that being said, and even though I am disappointed about it, I’ve decided not to compete in the Australian Open this year.”  (
  7. Serena devoted a lot of her time and money towards charity and in 2008 and 2010 she opened two schools, Serena Williams Secondary Schools, in Kenya.
  8. As of February 8th, 2021, Serena’s ranking is 11 and she has 73 single titles in her career.
  9. Her prize money throughout her career has added up to $93,634,967 (USD).
  10. In 2021 Serena has played three matches so far and she currently played in the Australian Open but lost in the semifinals on Thursday against Naomi Osaka 6-3. 


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